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Alyssa Klinzing

Alyssa Klinzing is graduating this May in three years time with a degree in political science and her eyes focused on the White House. As a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, Alyssa knows the importance of having women represented in politics as well as leadership roles across the nation. Alyssa wishes to educate citizens across the country on the voting process so that the 2020 presidential election can see record-breaking participation! 

Alyssa enjoys being a part-time resident of Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland, as it gives her a chance to get lost in the land of imagination with children who experience their first "magic moment," which often leaves families in happy tears! As a domestic abuse survivor, Alyssa also hopes to reach young children across the United States to share her story and encourage kids to never let go of their dreams.

For appearances contact:

Janet Parkes