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Hailey Colborn

On May 18, 2018, at George’s Pond at Hirsch Coliseum in Shreveport-Bossier, Louisiana, Kansas' own Hailey Colborn was crowned Miss Teen USA 2018. She is a 17 year old graduate of Wichita Northwest High School with a passion for learning. Throughout high school, she maintained a 4.0 GPA while taking numerous college courses, and graduated ranked number one in her class. She plans to pursue a political concentration with a focus in journalism this Fall at Princeton University. 

Since the age of three, she has taken classical ballet through Roger's Ballet while also dancing alongside majors in the Friends University Ballet department. During her time dancing, she has performed in a variety of shows including A Midsummer Night's Dream, Firebird, and others. Going into her 12th Nutcracker with Friends, she is performing the lead role in Act 2, the Dew Drop Fairy.

She was the president of her school's DECA chapter, was elected as Kansas DECA's Secretary/Treasurer, and has additionally served as her class president. Within the community, she founded and leads a campaign called SelfPosi. It is an initiative to promote a healthy self-esteem in young girls throughout Kansas. This message is spread through visiting middle school's to talk about the topic, and holding free seminars for girls ages 10-16. 

Hailey is an avid pageant fan, and has been watching pageants by the Miss Universe Organization for as long as she can remember.